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Square Ecoform

Square Ecoform COLUMN SYSTEM

Preassembled Square Column FormsOur Patented ECOFORM, pre-assembled, concrete column form system is a revolution in the safe, efficient and profitable pouring of concrete columns, hidden or architectural. Our design allows for less crane time, fewer safety concerns, faster cycle times and less time demands.

1. Your product is delivered on-site. It is pre made to your specifications, when needed, for every floor by one of our Dealers.
2. Put up is done in minutes per form. No oiling or bracing is required.
3. The decking is framed for the floor above and forms are propped and tied on top.
4. Lapping , ties and inspection (where applicable) are completed. “Cap System” are dropped into place and secured.
5. Ready to pour. All prep work can be completed on the deck while the columns are poured and curing.
6. Forms are stripped when convenient to you. Each floor is delivered as needed independent of the forms from the previous floor. We work on your schedule.
7. Forms are stacked and picked up when ready.

Our green recycled product provides a safer work environment. All pouring is done from the framed deck above and requires much less labor, as the forms are light and easily manipulated. They provide a chamfered edge and a finish quality that rivals an architectural finish.

Time Savings:
By framing the deck before pouring, the curing time of the form isn't’t lost. All forms for an entire floor can be easily poured at one time.
Labor Savings:
With a framed deck to work on, fewer hands are required to set and strip as well as pour the ECOFORM.
Soft Cost Savings:
Saving time means saving rentals and crane time. All the soft costs from fencing to forklifts can be saved.

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